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A' Fál Mór

  1. coinic
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): current (in sea).
  2. coinín
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: coincí ar a' bpuíopa cailc' i. the little stem underneath for drainage on clay pipe
  3. cóir
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: níl éinne a fhanans le cóir nach bhfánn é (sean-ocal)
  4. comh-aois
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: comh-aois Mháire í, she is the same age as Máire
  5. comhráidhteach
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: c. maith, a good conversationalist
  6. conacra
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): conacre
  7. crann snadhmtha
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): prob. the creeping willow, salix repens; its roots are boiled to cure the garla trua, a waisting disease in cattle; a mbruith sin - a' sú cho dubh le pórtar
  8. criogaire
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): cricket (BS); she has the same pronunciation for 'cigire'.
  9. cruach Pháraic
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): broad-leaved plantain
  10. crupaim
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): shrink
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: crupaim is intransitive and is differentiated from crapaim above, which is transitive and means 'to contract, retract, withdraw': a' crupadh le aois, shrinkin with age; tá na nóiníní a' crupadh isteach leis a' driúchta, the daisies are closing up under the dew. The two participles are combined to form one of those 'twin' constructions which are so expressive and common in the dialect: crupthaí crapthaí, strangled and bent under weight of curach carrying it up on to the shingle beach