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A' Fál Mór

  1. béinn
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: A. Tá É. a' teacht aríst. B. Béinn Dé ort, a' bhfuil? (ML), and confirmed by (BR); the meaning seems to be something like 'Go to God, do you tell me so?' expressing a mixture of wonder and delight.
  2. beir
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: bhéarfadh sé scian ort, he would take a knife to you (ML); bheir sé air, the dog bit him (MC); bheir a' chearc, the hen laid (MR)
  3. bharamhail
  4. bin! bin! bin!
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): call for turkeys (to food)
  5. bing
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): an upward limit or ceiling to be set to the number of cattle to be taken in from each tenant for grazing on commons land
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: bing a bheith air
  6. bláthmhar
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): of work well done, neat and tasty, e.g. cocks of hay neatly headed off with súgáns on them
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: bláfar cuimscear, neat and tidy (of dress); well off: (tá siad) i n-a suí go bláfar.
  7. bloinic
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): fat, grease
  8. bóbha
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): call to an ass to stop, halt
  9. bradán
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): frog in asses' hoof
  10. bréan-lóib
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): black rotten bog matter under blown sand at sea-edge. The slip (céibh) should have been built on rocks, but instead it was built on the bréanlóib, consequently had no proper foundation and did not last.