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  1. annsin
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): in that, then, there, thereupon
  2. annso
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): in this place, here
  3. anocht
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): tonight
  4. anoir
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): From the east
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: An ghaoth anoir, the East wind. Anoir atá an ghaoth, the wind is coming from the East.
  5. anóirthear
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): The day after tomorrow
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: An oíche anóirthear, the night after tomorrow night. An lá arna anóirthear, on the day following the morrow.
  6. anois
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): now
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: Anois go díreach, just now. Anois do theacht? Have you only just come? Anois d'am, now is your time. Anois nó choíche, now or never. Is maith anois féin é, it is good to get it even at this stage.
  7. anonn
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): from here, thither, to that side, over yonder, beyond, in that direction
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: Anonn is anall, hither and thither, backwards and forwards. Anonn sa lá, late in the day. Anonn is aois well on in years. Beidh aithreachas air lá is fuide anonn ná andiu, the day will come when he will regret it. Dúirt mé anonn is anall leis é, I said it to him up to his face. Ag gabháil anonn go h-Albain, going across to Scotland. Níl an dara anonn ná anall air, ach seo mar atá, leaving aside all equivocation, this is the fact of the matter.
  8. anordú
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): an unreasonable command
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: Is é an t-anordú é, it is a tall order.
  9. anrath
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): misfortune, ill-luck
  10. anródh
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): misery, distress, hardship, severe weather
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: Thug sé anródh do féin, he was hard on himself. Ná tabhair anródh do do cholainn, do not ill-treat yourself, by overwork or by constant exposure to severe weather. Is tú éan an anróidh, you are out in all weathers. Sifín an anróidh, the thatch on the eaves, said to whistle at the approach of a storm. Prov: Tá anródh le dhul 'un na bhFlaitheas féin, the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence.