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  1. alltrac
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: faoi alltrachaí. Is alltrach an áit é.
  2. allus
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): sweat, perspiration
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: Ag cur alluis, perspiring. Bhí sé ag bárcadh alluis, he was bathed in perspiration. As allus do mhalacha, in the sweat of your brow. D'fhág sé a chuid alluis i Meiriceá, he worked the best years of his life in America.
  3. alpadh
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): devouring, eating in big mouthfuls, swallowing voraciously
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: Thug sé alpadh orm, he made a grab at m
  4. alt
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): a joint, a knuckle of the finger, a knob of timber; a small portion
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: In alt a chéile, properly arranged, fitting, as of pieces. Thug mé na hailt dó, I gave him the knuckles.
  5. áltán
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): a ravine, a gully
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: Agus áltán ag gabháil thríd go ceolmhar (song), and a ravine (with water in the bottom) murmuring through it musically.
  6. áltóir
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): altar
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: ar bhéalabh na h-altóra, on the steps of the altar. Tugadh amach ón altóir é, he was denounced off the altar, from the pulpit. Naomh-shácraiment na h-Altóra, the Blessed Eucharist.
  7. áltranas
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): fosterage
  8. altú
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): thanks, thanksgiving, grace before or after meals
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: Míle áltú is buíochas Duit a Dhia, a thousand thanks to Thee, O God.
  9. altuigh
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): give thanks
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: Má tá sí dóigheamhail altaíodh sí é, if she has looks let her thank God for it (and not think of it as something due to herself). Altuigh an bia, (i) say Grace, (ii) Give God thanks for the food. Níor altuigh mé an tsláinte nuair a bhí sí agam, I did not appreciate my health.
  10. am
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): time, occasion
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: Seo d'am, this is your opportunity. I dtráthaibh an ama sin, about that tim San am sin, at that tim Am luí, bedtim Am dinnéara, dinnertim Am scoile, time to go to school. Tá sé in am, it is tim Déire ina h-am é, it is a godsend, it was sorely needed. Glac d'am, take your time, take it easy. Fan le d'am, wait for your turn. Is é an t-am é! Only now you are thinking of it. Murchadh in am, Murchadh the punctual. Tháinig an t-am do ciall a bheith aige, he is old enough to have sens Caitheadh an t-am, the time passed. An t-am a chonnaic mé é, san am a bhfacaidh mé é, when I saw him. Tá tú in am go leor, you are time enough. San am do láthair, at the present tim Tá an t-am na preátaí a bhaint, it is time to dig the potatoes.