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Maigh Eo

  1. béal
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: tá tú cailltí púnáiltí i mbéal síogáin lá gimhridh (SBh), said of a person who has not the comfort of a hayshed, and has to stand in the face of a rick getting out fodder on a wet windy winter's day.
  2. bean-ghabhair
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): another name for the mionnán aerach or male snipe drumming in flight.
  3. beart
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): A boy from Turlough near Castlebar once gave me the following description of a beart: When oats is cut and tied in sheaves it is then made into bearts to dry and season. The beart consists of 20 sheaves. Ten sheaves are first placed standing against each other five on each side. Then three sheaves are placed in openings left by the other sheaves, to strengthen it. Then four head-sheaves are tied on top of the others to keep the under sheaves dry. The beart is left in the field for a week or ten days to season. It may be left out for two or three weeks as no rain affects it.
  4. beartín Mhuire
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): is another name for dréimire Muire (CN);
    Ciall nó Míniú (Gaeilge): bláth cruinn i n-aice an talaimh; bláth air sa bhfómhar;. centaury.
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: beart gon tsagart paráiste, stuca gon tséiplíneach, these were the proportionate amounts when paying tithes to the priest (Wm).
  5. beathaighthe
    Ciall nó Míniú (BÉARLA): fat, plump
  6. beilt
    Ciall nó Míniú (Gaeilge): crios ar cheirtlín snátha, nó ar phurainn
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: beilt ar shaighdiúr; also applied to a dog's collar
  7. béinn
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: A. Tá É. a' teacht aríst. B. Béinn Dé ort, a' bhfuil? (ML), and confirmed by (BR); the meaning seems to be something like 'Go to God, do you tell me so?' expressing a mixture of wonder and delight.
  8. béinne
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: rinne siad béinne de (le buillí), they knocked him stiff
  9. beir
    Sampla(í) Úsáide: bhéarfadh sé scian ort, he would take a knife to you (ML); bheir sé air, the dog bit him (MC); bheir a' chearc, the hen laid (MR)
  10. bharamhail